It’s well known that good nutrition determines how well we feel on the inside and how good we look on the outside. Certain minerals and vitamins influence on keeping our hair, nails and skin in the best, and influence directly on the functioning of blood vessels and cell regenerations.

Silica, one very important mineral plays an important role in keeping your bones healthy. It is concentrated mainly in blood vessels, skin, hair and cartilage but can be found in every organ and cell of the body.

What is Silica?
Silica is a non-metallic element abundant on earth, which makes up nearly 28% of the earth’s crust. It is found in polymerized combinations with metals since its pure form it cannot stand alone in a natural state because it’s vulnerable to atmospheric water and oxygen.

Silica is found in certain plants and whole grains, although you can benefit from these they are not a great source of silica, and the body doesn’t directly absorb these silicates.

Why you need Silica in the body

Silica stimulates the manufacturing of collagen and connective tissues. It is known as the glue that holds us together. Aging skin is due the fact that the source of silica produced by our bodies decreases affecting how well the tissues connect. The result of our bodies producing less silica is the loss of moisture and suppleness in the skin. The youthful appearance of our nails and hair can also be affected since they are mostly made of keratin proteins that silica provides. Collagen is what gives our skin its radiant and young appeal, and it owes it all to silica. If our body has enough silica, the collagen will make us look younger.

Silica for the Bones
Diseases such as osteoporosis makes our bones weak when the aging process begins. It is advised to take silica before the aging process starts, since the results are not immediate. Silica’s main role is to retain water, minerals and vitamins. Calcium supplement for your bones is not enough to take alone. When taking such supplements containing calcium they should be taken with silica to retain a greater amount of calcium and have better results.

A 1993 study by G. Stendig-kindberg looked at the effects of silicon, fluoride and magnesium on bone-mineral density. After 1 year women who received silicon supplementation achieved a significant increase in bone mass density.

Silica its vital for health!

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