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The Health Benefits of Supplementing With Silica.

Silica is one of the most abundant minerals in the body, as it is used structurally in a number of applications, from creating firm and elastic skin to giving tendons the ability to stretch further without injury. Since silica is found in so many of the fruits and vegetables people love, many wrongly assume there is little risk of deficiency. As a supplement, silica has been under the radar of most health practitioners for far too long due to some common perceptions about its prevalence in food and bio-availability of the mineral.

Why Silica Deficiency is More Common Than You Think?
Silica is a natural mineral found in most every soil type in which plants grow, from clays to sands. Just as humans use it to provide firm skin, plants absorb silicon dioxide to make the skins of their fruits. Unfortunately, modern farming practices make use of herbicides that act to inhibit the ability of plants to absorb minerals from the soil. This means that much of the produce once rich in silica is now less so.

This is bad news for us, because the body does not absorb silica in its natural state very easily. We have to ingest a lot to get a much smaller amount. Add to this the fact that processed foods contain a lot less silica than whole foods, and it is easy to understand how a silica deficiency can occur. Supplementing with silica can make a huge difference, especially for the chronically ill.

Health Benefits of Silica Supplements
SilaLive contains two types of silica to ensure the best absorption. Silicon dioxide may be harder to digest, but it does serve functions in the intestines, working to rid them of toxins and prevent obstruction. Orthosilicic acid is an organic form of silica easily digested, because it is the product of silicon dioxide and acids found in the stomach.

Besides functioning as a systemic detox, removing heavy metals and many other toxins safely, Silica provides many benefits to the body, including:
~ helping to absorb other vital minerals, like calcium;
~ strengthening the skin, hair and nails;
~ maintaining moisture of the skin and lungs;
~ helping the body to heal more quickly from injuries;
~ and preventing the formation of plaque in the arteries.

Silica is used to treat weak bones, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Health supplements, like SilaLive, provide both the diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid (organic silica) forms to replenish the body’s stores of silica. SilaLive can renew, rebuild and replace silica in the brain, blood, bones, hair, heart, joints, liver, lungs, nails, joints, pancreas, skin, spleen and immune system.

“Silica, Silicon and Silicone”

Some people confuse Silica with Silicone.

Here are the main differences between these similar elements:

Silica is an oxide of silicon.

Silicon is found in grasses and sand.

Silicone is a plastic

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