Silica For Essential Body Functions

Silica its a Vital Mineral
Silica is one of the most abundant minerals in the universe. This particular mineral its around you , inside of you, but you probably never ackoledge its presence. . All connective tissue are made and  contains silica.
Silica Its everywhere in your body,in every inch of skin, every  nail, every strand of hair, every muscle and every portion of your bones! how strong and healthy they are depends all in the amount of silica its present.  Silica has absorbent properties that helps  make hair shine and skin radiant because it allows it to hold in moisture. Silica its the mineral that smooths out the cracks that appear in our skin surface over time.
Silica holds us together, makes us stronger. Our bone structure depends on silica

As it makes up:

  • Nail
    • Skin
    • Bone
    • Hair
    • Cartilage
    • All Connective Tissue
    • Pelvic Floors



Perhaps its fitting that the most abundant element in earth fulfills some of the most vitals body functions . The most abundant elements in earth, silicon and oxygen, make up silica.

Understanding the role that oxygen plays in our body is not as easy as breathing in and breathing out. Oxygen its present in the body in very large quantities, different that the second  most important element, silicon, which its only present in trace amounts in the body.

Why is this so?

One  of the reasons maybe, the composition of Silicon its rather insoluble, reason why we don’t consume it as much regardless of its universal abundance.

Because Silica its only present in  the body in trace amounts, it took scientific a while to figure out its functions and how it worked. Researched  has proven silica to be involve in metabolic functions as well as structural process in humans and animals.

Silicon Importance In Human Body Shows:

  • It Stimulates cell metabolism and cell formation.
  • Its important for both the structure and the functioning of connective tissue.
  • Stimulates the immune system to help the body fight disease.
  • Increases elasticity of blood vessels and increases firmness of blood vessels.



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